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I know this is extremely off topic, but I’ve been talking about my cosplay for months and I just wanted to show you guys what I had done so far! I’m still on hiatus, this is just a Queued post. Yep, I’m pretty proud of this!

I know this is extremely off topic, but I’ve been talking about my cosplay for months and I just wanted to show you guys what I had done so far! I’m still on hiatus, this is just a Queued post. Yep, I’m pretty proud of this!

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perfect in every way


To all roleplayers I roleplay with:

If I didn’t reply:

If you ever want to roleplay:

  • Invade my inbox and scream at me.
  • I don’t bite… I cut people in half 
  • Ask for a starter or just post one and tag me~ 
  • This goes for EVERYONE. If our characters don’t normally interact THEY WILL AND THEY WILL LIKE IT.

Random notes:

  • You are kind.
  • You are important.
  • You are smart.
  • I love you all <3.

And to those I don’t roleplay with:

  • We totally should.

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Just…. well then. That was abrupt.

Maryanne blinked and leaned against the door frame, before her lips formed into a teasing smirk just as the turtle in her sights peered down to the bottle clenched in his palm. Definitely something strong she figured, because she’d never heard Donatello be so blunt and straight forward, and not to mention crude all at the same time.

Just… wow. But she was certainly not passing the chance to tease him.

"Well, I was coming to see if you needed help with one of our current projects in process, but if I had known that you required assistance with that, I would have worn something different.”

His drunk eyes flicked over to the many unfinished contraptions at the corner of the room and snorted. He tipped the bottle towards his mouth and turned back towards Maryanne. His already heated face burned at the sight of her and the teasing expression on her face. Somewhere, he tried to tell himself to stop being so rude and dirty, but the alcohol was taking control faster than he could have calculated.

"Dressed fine," he muttered. "But that look could get you in trouble~"


She nods, then starts rummaging around in her satchel. “I think I’ve got a warp ring in here somewhere that can take me home…They’re used for traveling between dimensions on my planet.” She then smiles kindly but curiously at him. “So, are there others like you on this world, or are you the only one?”

Don opened his mouth, but quickly shut it. What had she said? Some kind of ring that could travel through dimensions? His interest in the stranger was all the more peeked at this point.

But at the question, he slightly shrunk away. For all he knew, it could have been a trap set by the Shredder. The girl seemed truthful, though. Frowning, he shrugged.

"A couple…"

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13. “What’s in it for me?”

Folding his arms, he lifted an eye ridge at Mathias. 

"I don’t work for free all the time,” he smirked.

He wrote down the toppings and nodded his head, smiling. “Alright, I’ll be back soon then~” He pecked Donnie’s cheek, before sauntering off to get the pizza and movie.

While Mat was gone, Don tried his best to clean up his room. The constant smell of grease and fried wires wasn’t something he could fix, but he shoved all the spare parts and scraps under his bed or in the closet. Lastly, he took a moment to switch to a one of the cleaner masks in his drawer and put the current one on his desk. Sighing, he flipped on the television and laid down to wait.

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“You gonna make me shut up?” she smirks, raising a brow as she crossed her arms.

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"Maryanne, can you-" Don’s words were cut short as he was slammed into the wall. His brain shut down when Maryanne leaned her face towards his. He could feel her lips working against his, and before he knew it, his eyes slid closed and his arms wrapped around her waist.

(*shoots off fireworks because this is adorable man*)

With a light chuckle, she nodded her head in acknowledgement, before making a face upon realizing she was only making the smudge worse. “Probably would be easier if we could make a solvent, to put on before doing all the dirty work, that’d keep our greasy woes at bay.”

Maryanne smiled cheekily, and lowered her hand as he pulled her in tight. “But I guess that would take lots of the fun and feel of the work out of it. Wouldn’t you agree?” she asked as she wrapped her arm back around him.

"Nothing says hard work like being covered in grease and grime," he churred, nuzzling her cheek. "It’s kind of a ‘thing’ between us, wouldn’t you agree?"

He let his hands rub her back gently, forgetting about the sticky feeling on his cheek.

Doing a survey. Reblog if you are a “Just Wing It” role player. No planning or plotting is needed. Nor permission to make a starter just for you.

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