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thelonemutation sent: "Donnie~" Mathias hopped over, placing a plate with a sandwhich down on the workbench, before he placed a kiss onto his cheek.



Don nearly jumped out of his shell at the sudden contact. He’d been so focused on his work that he hadn’t noticed Mat sashay in.

"Oh geez, Mat!" he gasped.


"That sounds really awesome." He said and sat himself back down, smiling. "Anything I can do to help?" Maybe it was an excuse to spend time with Don, but he was genuinely curious and impressed.

"Yeah, there is something actually," he sighed, pushing the blue prints away.

"My eyes are extremely tired and I need a break. Care to keep me company?"



* Unfortunately, while the woman had managed to bypass the bites for a countless amount of blocks, previously— she was far from alright. At the last minute, assuming her  momentary safety , she’d  turned her back to both of them, forcing the chemical compound deep into her lungs. But, from the increasingly ragged sounds of her breathing , it was not working quickly enough..*

* She rasped , and coughed, pinpricks of  false light peppering the dank tinge of the alley, once she looked up . She’d never felt so dizzy or nauseous in her life— but just as her savior’s words seemed to ‘reach her’ , it was as if her entire body refused him at once. She fell forward onto her stomach, and lost consciousness altogether—her scraped fingertips still clutching the tiny, plastic inhaler..* 

Gritting his teeth, he looked from the woman to the inhaler and back. Don was good with machines and chemistry, but being a doctor wasn’t his style. In fact, he had limited healer skills, so looking at the woman in this state was making him slightly panic. But he couldn’t just leave her there for muggers or worse.

"Sensei’s gonna kill me,” he sighed. Gently picking her up, he fled for the nearest manhole. Maybe Splinter would know what to do. Or one of his multitude of books would hold the answer. All he knew was that this woman couldn’t die, not after he’d chased her across the city and saved her from a dog.

It was hours later when Don rubbed his eyelids. The woman was laying on his bed as he wrapped up her wounds. Somehow Splinter had gotten her breathing again and Don had sworn to bring her back to the surface once he’d bandaged her wounds. It was pushing 2 AM as he tied the last one.

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“You gonna make me shut up?” she smirks, raising a brow as she crossed her arms.

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"Hi, I’m new here, can you show me around?"
"Uh.. I think I’m lost."
"Wow, those are some awesome threads!"
"Don’t mind me, I just like making new friends!"
"Oh dear, do you need help?"
"You look like you could use a hand."
"You look a little lost, can I be of assistance?"


"Watch where you’re going."
"Oops, did I do that?.. Oh well."
"Take a picture, it’ll last longer."
"Get lost, would ya?"
"I don’t have time to play tour guide."
"Thankfully, it’s not my job to help you."


"Wait! Stop!"
"Don’t let them find us."
"I don’t wanna be left alone."
"Get out of the way!"
"Are you dead?"
"Hurry! Run!"


"Can I skip dinner and go right for dessert?"
"I think I just found the most beautiful girl in Japan."
"Hey there, Foxy Mama."
"Huh? Oh yeah, this view is nice."
"How about we go back to my place? I’ve got board games."
"All you have to do is say, "yes".


"Wow, your eyes are the most beautiful, that I’ve ever seen."
"I’ve been enchanted by your amazing voice."
"Ah, I’m sorry, I could have sworn you were an angel."
"Am I dreaming, or do you really exist?"
"I wasn’t aware that Goddesses/Gods existed."
"No flower or scenery can compare to your beauty."


"At long last! I’ve finally found you! Now I can kill you!"
"What an ugly mug, it’s a good thing I won’t have to see you for long."
"How would you like to be full of holes?"
"You know, I think your head looks better detached from your body. "
"I will make you experience unimaginable pain."
"Beg all you want, but your fate is going to end the same way."


"Love is illogical, it means nothing to me."
"The more you cry, the more reasons I find to leave your pathetic being."
"Do not touch me, I don’t require affection from anyone."
"Why are you hugging me?"
"He’s dead, let’s move on."
"Why is family so important to you?".

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ellieandtheguys sent: elliexdonnie? 9w9

(UwU Aw yiss)

  • Who would be the big spoon? I think they’d take turns, but because of Donnie’s shell, he’d end up being the big spoon most of the time.
  • Who would wake up first? Usually Donnie because he likes working late, sleeping a little, and then waking up early to work more.
  • Do they have nicknames for each other?
    Just the normal ones right now, like El or Don. Maybe eventually they’d move to like Honey or Sweetie.
  • What happened when they met each other’s parents?
    Well…I don’t think Ellie’s parents would understand. And Splinter, I think, took to Ellie pretty well!
  • How do they apologize after an argument?
    Don usually caves first and apologizes, even when it’s not his fault, then they fight about who’s fault it really is, then they talk about it and both apologize regardless.
  • What would they be like as parents?
    Don would definitely be the nervous father. He’d want everything done perfect and he’d calculate every pro and con there is. And Ellie’s be that fun mom that would let the kid get away with stuff too much (at least I think so).
  • Who is the better cook?
    Surprisingly, Donnie cooks pretty well. He takes the time to try and teach Ellie how to cook certain things and they end up taking turns how to cook. As for who cooks the most, it’s Ellie because Don is always wrapped up in an experiment and forgets to eat at times.
  • Who is more romantic? Ellie. Don tries to act suave, but then his confidence fizzles out and it’s up to Ellie to instigate any kisses or hugs.
  • What sort of gifts do they get for each other?
    Don likes to make her little necklaces from scrap metal and books. Ellie usually gets him books or more supplies for his tests.
  • Who gets jealous easiest?
    Donnie. Mostly because he can’t walk around on the surface with Ellie and show her off like in the movies. He also worries that some muscular brute will sweep her off her feet and away from him so he’s always a bit wary when Ellie talks about any men she meets.
  • Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?
    This one’s all Ellie because Don can go for days not knowing the date. It’s really up to Ellie to let him know when there’s a holiday coming up.
  • Who is the most adventurous?
    Again, this one’s all Ellie. Don’s more cautious and likes to think things through but Ellie’s the one to push into something just for the fun of it.
  • Who is the most protective?
    Donnie. He really cares about Ellie and always make her text him when she gets home at night, just to know she didn’t get mugged or anything.
  • What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts? Probably the same as they are now, more or less.
  • *BONUS: Song to sum them up?*
    All of Me- John Legend

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Some people can sing 
Some people can dance
Some people can art 




  • Who would be the big spoon?
  • Who would wake up first?
  • Do they have nicknames for each other?
  • What happened when they met each other’s parents?
  • How do they apologise after an argument?
  • What would they be like as parents?
  • Who is the better cook?
  • Who is more romantic?
  • What sort of gifts do they get for each other?
  • Who gets jealous easiest?
  • Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?
  • Who is the most adventurous?
  • Who is the most protective?
  • What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?
  • *BONUS: Song to sum them up?*

 Do I ship it?

 NOTP / Crack only / AU only / Not really / Maybe a little / Well now I do/ Yes/ Of course! / OTP

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